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Hello. I am BJ Harris and I offer an excellent Reiki service close to Cheadle.

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Reiki can transform your life in many powerful ways. It heals, harmonises and balances on the four levels of existence - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. With Reiki, it is possible to heal at any level of being: emotional, spiritual, mental or physical.

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Enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself and experience the wonder and compassion of an ancient healing art with a Reiki healing session near Cheadle.

Reiki healing close to Cheadle

Many physical symptoms can be eased very quickly with Reiki, whilst others may need a lot of treatments before starting to respond - no two cases are the same. Reiki promotes the qualities of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance, and encourages you on your personal path towards spiritual development and connecting with your inner self.

Reiki for pets and animals near Cheadle

I am one of the few people who offer Reiki treatment on pets and animals near Cheadle. For animals that are ill, Reiki assists healing at the deepest levels and is a safe complement to conventional medicine and all other forms of healing. For pets, Reiki can delay the onset and progression of certain diseases and can energise and revitalise older animals.

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