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Reiki Soul has been providing an excellent Reiki service for over 4 years in Whitefield.

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If you are unable to lie down, Reiki treatment can be given in a sitting position; the main thing is that you are as comfortable as possible. A Reiki practitioner is a channel through which energy is drawn by the need or imbalance in the recipient.

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Enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself and experience the wonder and compassion of an ancient healing art with a Reiki healing session near Whitefield.

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A Reiki session can have different effects on people. Some people feel very energised immediately after a Reiki treatment, whilst others feel very tranquil and sleepy. During a Reiki treatment, you usually feel very relaxed, warm and peaceful as the energy flows through you, although sometimes you might feel tingly or quite emotional as the Reiki brings to the surface old issues and patterns to be released.

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I am one of the few people who offer Reiki treatment on pets and animals near Whitefield. The healing principles of Reiki are the same whether you are treating a person or a an animal. The Reiki energy flows exactly the same in all cases. For animals that are ill, Reiki assists healing at the deepest levels and is a safe complement to conventional medicine and all other forms of healing.

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